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American Capacitor Corporation brochureAmerican Capacitor Corporation serves the film capacitor market with both high volume catalog styles and special designs. Film capacitors can be supplied in all dielectric systems, including SuperMetallized Polypropylene, Metallized Polypropylene, Metallized Polycarbonate, Metallized Polyester, Metallized Mylar, SuperMetallized PolyPulse, Metallized Polysulfone, Metallized Teflon, Metallized Paper, Polypropylene & Foil, Polycarbonate & Foil, Polyester & Foil, Mylar & Foil, PolyPulse & Foil, Polysulfone & Foil, Polystyrene & Foil, Teflon & Foil, Mica & Foil, Paper & Foil and other dielectrics and dielectric systems. Capacitor designs include combination Metallized and Film & Foil types as well as multi series constructions. Case styles, include Wrap & Fill (Oval & Round), Epoxy Case (Rectangular & Round), Metal Hermetically Sealed (Rectangular & Round), all Case styles are available in both Axial and Radial Leaded as well as special terminals. The manufacturing facility located in Irwindale California, utilizes the most modern equipment in a controlled atmosphere. Class 100 flow hoods are utilized in the winding process enabling the manufacturing of extremely high quality capacitors. Specially made and low cost custom capacitors are our specialty. American Capacitor is an approved Mil-I-45208 manufacturer, FSCM 59366.

Data Specification Sheets are available as both HTML and as downloadable Acrobat PDF files. If you need the Acrobat reader it can be downloaded free at this location.

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American Capacitor Corporation Products Brochure

?/span>Download Product Brochure in Acrobat PDF Format


For high frequency, high current capacitor applications including Switching Power Supplies

?/span>Series V SuperMetallized Polypropylene Capacitors

?/span>Download Complete Series V Data Sheet in Acrobat PDF Format

?/span>Series Z SuperMetallized PolyPulse Capacitors

?/span>Download Complete Series Z Data Sheet in Acrobat PDF Format


For close tolerance capacitors and applications that require stability like timing circuits.

?/span>Series N Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors

?/span>Download Complete Series N Data Sheet in Acrobat PDF Format

?/span>Series H Metallized Polycarbonate Capacitors

?/span>Download Complete Series H Data Sheet in Acrobat PDF Format

?/span>Series S Polystyrene and Foil Capacitors

?/span>Download Complete Series S Data Sheet in Acrobat PDF Format


For general purpose low cost capacitor applications.

?/span>Series D Metallized Polyester Capacitors (Mylar)

?/span>Download Complete Series D Data Sheet in Acrobat PDF Format

?/span>Series M Polyester and Foil Capacitors (Mylar)

?/span>Download Complete Series M Data Sheet in Acrobat PDF Format

?/span>Series A High Voltage Capacitors

?/span>Download Complete Series A Data Sheet in Acrobat PDF Format


Casio Au Casio データバンク Casio 関数電卓 Casio America G Shock Gw 3000 カシオ 腕時計 電波 カシオ スポーツウォッチ カシオ オシアナス 価格 G-shock 腕時計 カシオ ペアウォッチ カシオ ダイバーズウォッチ G-shock 携帯 カシオホームページ カシオ デジタル時計 カシオ Sheen カシオ レディース カシオ ラベルライター カシオトロン カシオ ハンディターミナル カシオ 腕時計 Gショック G-shock スピード Casio カメラ デジタル時計 腕時計 Casio オシアナス Casio 電波時計 Casio 電子ピアノ Nec Casio Casio プロトレック A168 Casio Casio Pb-100 World Casio 2014 G Shock G Shock App ベビーg 時計 Casio Exf1 レジスター カシオ カシオ フロッグマン カシオ Edifice 腕時計 g-shock

Film Capacitor Technical Information and Descriptions.

?/span>Capacitor Dielectric Descriptions

?/span>Capacitor Case Styles

?/span>Capacitor Technical Terms

?/span>Military Specifications on Capacitors

?/span>American Capacitor Part Number Description

?/span>Download American Capacitor Part Numbering Description in Acrobat PDF Format

?/span>American Capacitor Hardware for Metal Tube Descriptions

?/span>Download American Capacitor Hardware for Metal Tubes Descriptions in Acrobat PDF Format

?/span>American Capacitor Dielectric Selection Guide

?/span>Download American Capacitor Dielectric Selection Guide in Acrobat PDF Format

?/span>American Capacitor Part Number Cross Reference

?/span>Download American Capacitor Part Number Cross Reference in Acrobat PDF Format


For quotes, special film capacitor design's, samples and questions.

?/span>E-mail: Sales@AmericanCapacitor.Com

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The American Capacitor Corporation manufacturing facility is located at 5367 Third Street, Irwindale, CA 91706, USA.

Phone: 626-814-4444 Fax: 626-814-4434 E-mail: Sales@AmericanCapacitor.Com

A large percent of what American Capacitor manufactures are custom made capacitors at catalog prices, specifically for customer requirements, send us your capacitor requirements or prints and we will design capacitors to meet them.

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