These Polystyrene Capacitors are available in several case types and tolerances. Polystyrene film capacitors offer a much higher degree of reliability and stability than other types of capacitors. These polystyrene capacitors are non-polar, non-inductive. They come in all case styles, including Wrap & Fill, Epoxy Case, and Metal Hermetically Sealed. Detailed specifications as well as case sizes for all popular designs are linked to the Polystyrene Size Index. For custom designs please contact the factory with your specific requirements as we specialize in low cost custom made capacitors.

Polystyrene and foil Capacitor Size Index Download Complete Data Sheet in Acrobat PDF Format

Polystyrene and foil Capacitor Specifications and Descriptions

Polystyrene and foil Capacitor Graphs and Acceptance Criteria

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Part Drawing Style W - Wrap and Fill, Oval, Axial Leaded

Part Drawing Style R - Wrap and Fill, Round, Axial Leaded

Part Drawing Style E - Epoxy Case, Rectangular, Axial Leaded

Part Drawing Style F - Epoxy Case, Rectangular, Radial Leaded

Part Drawing Style L - Hermetically Sealed Metal Case, Round, Axial Leaded

Part Drawing Style G - Hermetically Sealed Metal Case, Rectangular, Axial Leaded

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