Wrap & Fill:

Capacitors are wrapped in a skin tight plastic tape and then filled with epoxy on the ends. The most economical of the packaging methods. Available in Axial Leaded, Oval (Style W); Axial Leaded, Round (Style R); Radial Leaded, Oval (Style V); and Radial Leaded, Round (Style U),. Special terminal configurations and sizes are also available.


 Epoxy Case:

Capacitors are encased in a molded epoxy/plastic shell with epoxy fill. Available in Axial Leaded, Rectangular (Style E); Radial Leaded, Rectangular (Style F); and Axial Leaded, Round (Style T).

 Feed Through:

Round Feed Through capacitors, in a skin tight plastic wrap with solderable ends (Style Q). The hole in the center of the capacitor is either a Teflon Tube, Paper Tube or Phenolic Tube ranging in sizes from just a wire to a large threaded stud to fit through. The majority of Feed Throughs are custom made to exact customer requirements. They are very popular in filter applications.

 Hermetic Seal:

Hermetically sealed capacitors are supplied in both the standard Floating case Round Metal Tube (Style L); and the Floating case Rectangular Metal Tube (Style G); along with Case Grounded, Case Terminal, and Feed Through.

Also available are the standard Bath Tub Metal Cans along with Cans of any size or shape needed for special customer application.


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