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A=High-Voltage Mylar

B=High-Voltage Metallized Polyester

C=Metallized Mylar & Polypropylene

D=Metallized Polyester

EP-M=Metallized Paper and/or Plastic Film

EP-W=Metallized Paper and/or Plastic Film

F=K F Film Polymer

G=Metallized K F Film Polymer

H=Metallized Polycarbonate

J=Polycarbonate & Foil

K=Kapton & Foil

M=Mylar & Foil

N=Metallized Polypropylene

P=Polypropylene & Foil

Q=Metallized Polysulfone

S=Polystyrene & Foil

T=Teflon & Foil

U=Metallized Teflon

V=SuperMetallized Polypropylene

Z=SuperMetallized Polypulse

Other Dielectrics or combinations of

Dielectrics are available, please

contact American's Engineering Department.

B=Bathtub Can


E=Epoxy Case Axial

F=Epoxy Case Radial

G=Metal Tube Rectangular Floating Case

H=Metal Tube Rectangular Case Terminal

J=Metal Tube Rectangular Case Grounded

K=Metal Tube Round Case Grounded

L=Metal Tube Round Floating Case

M=Metal Tube Round Case Terminal

N=Metal Tube Rnd Feed-Thru(Threaded Neck)

P=Feed Through Round Wrap & Fill

Q=Feed Through Round Wrap No Fill

R=Round Wrap & Fill Axial

T=Round Epoxy Case Axial

U=Round Wrap & Fill Radial

V=Oval Wrap & Fill Radial

W=Oval Wrap & Fill Axial

Other Styles are readily available, please contact

American's Engineering Department with your special requirements.

0 = Special

1 = Ultra Miniature

2 = Miniature

3 = Regular

4 & up = Other Non-Standard Sizes and Configurations.

Custom Sizes and Configurations are Available to meet customer requirements.

* When the size code is a "0" then another sequenced number will follow the tolerance letter. (With no dash "-" )

A= 10V

B= 25V

C= 50V

D= 100V

E= 200V

F= 300V

G= 400V

H= 500V

J= 600V

K= 700V

L= 800V

M= 1000V

N= 1200V

P= 1500V

R= 2000V

S= 35V

T= 120V

U= 230V

V= 360V

W =480V

X= Times 10

Y= Times 100

Z= AC Rated

Any 2 or more may be combined for other voltages.



In Picofarads - The First

two digits indicate the value;

The third digit (or the last

digit if more than three digits)

is the multiplier.

Symbol Multiplier

0 = 1

1 = 10

2 = 100

3 = 1,000

4 = 10,000

5 = 100,000

6 = 1,000,000

7 = 10,000,000

A= 0.1% *

B= 0.25% *

D= 0.5% *

F= 1% *

G= 2% *

H= 3% *

J= 5%

K= 10%

M= 20%

N= 30%


S= -10% +30%

T= -10% +50%

V= -10% +20%

X= Special Tol.

* Temperature Stabilized

For use with metal tubes &

Style "P" only. (With a dash "-" )

- 1 = Tangential Bracket

- 2 = Threaded Neck Term.

- 3 = Flat Lug Terminal

- 4 = 90 Lug Terminal

- 5 = Insulating Sleeve

- 6 = Stud Mounting

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SuperMetallized Polypulse

SuperMetallized Polypropylene

Metallized Polyester Index

Metallized Polycarbonate Index

Part Drawing Style W - Wrap and Fill, Oval, Axial Leaded

Part Drawing Style R - Wrap and Fill, Round, Axial Leaded

Part Drawing Style E - Epoxy Case, Rectangular, Axial Leaded

Part Drawing Style F - Epoxy Case, Rectangular, Radial Leaded

Part Drawing Style L - Hermetically Sealed Metal Case, Round, Axial Leaded

Part Drawing Style G - Hermetically Sealed Metal Case, Rectangular, Axial Leaded

Part Drawing Style Q - Feed Through, Round, Solderable Ends

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